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Who Are We?

Just a punk and his dog, trying to save the world one print job a time.

Our story officially begins in 2014 when we opened a small print studio in Liverpool City Centre. Operating under a different name and as a purely for-profit (albeit not very much), in 2015 we closed up shop and became an online operation, although much of our work was still (and still is to this day) local companies and groups, coming to us via word of mouth.

Back then we focused on garment printing and with us having a retail shop, we found ourselves working on individual one-off prints as much as we did bulk, wholesale orders – the latter being what we were more ‘about’.  That’s what led to the decision to move out of bricks and mortar, and purely online.

Nowadays we focus more on paper printed products, though still enjoy making awesome merchandise for people, companies and bands across the country.

Before we shut up shop though, the studio and the now eponymous punk went through something of a transformation. Punk became a vegan and with it, so did the business.

With the punk’s change to a vegan lifestyle, he started to question a number of the ‘ingredients’ in the print products we were using and enquired with suppliers and manufacturers across the globe about just what went into them.

The results were more than a little startling; inks, dyes, adhesives, laminates and more were routinely made with animal products. Products that the animals, in most cases, had to die for. Casein, gelatine, lanolin, carmine, beeswax and shellac were all common ingredients – and remain so for the majority of printers.

Six months later, and after a lot of calls, emails and very confused manufacturers and suppliers, the studio was entirely vegan, and all the ingredients that could be replaced were, and those that couldn’t simply don’t appear on the menu.

Now, a few years later, the decision was taken to transform into The Print Punk we are now, a completely non-profit studio, using our profits not to line ours or anyone elses pockets, but to put them to use supporting animal welfare groups and organisations around the country. Examples include helping fund repairs to Hunt Saboteurs’ vehicles, regular donations to animal shelters, producing material for vegan outreach groups and many more.

We’re genuinely very proud of being the UK’s only true vegan printer; both in terms of the products we use to produce your print, but also ourselves – a truly vegan owned and operated studio.

Meet Boomer, the studio dog, a Blumenweiler which is a specific cross breed common to South Africa combining primarily Rottweiler with Doberman and Bloodhound.

Boomer was rescued from Manchester & Cheshire Dogs’ Home (where the Punk has always rescued from) in April 2017, shortly after the death of our previous dog Soap.

Everyone who meets Booms is immediately taken in with her enthusiastic affection. She really does love everyone and everything, including cats, sheep and ducks! Incredibly social, she’ll want to say hello to every dog she meets on her walks.

You’ll be pleased to know that all our prices include treats for Boomer!